Hi everyone!

My name is Cheyenne Wood! I’m a sophomore at Syracuse University. I am pursuing a dual major in public relations and political science, and I am also on the pre-law track. I hope to attend law school and work in communications law in the future.

Outside of school I enjoy music, sports and the outdoors. I love traveling and attending concerts with my friends. I am a huge fan of Major League Baseball, specifically the Cleveland Indians. I am from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, a small town in the middle of the state. I like to make the most of it by kayaking and hiking during the summer. I am also a huge beach lover, and dream of living on the coast someday.

My website will feature a variety of my professional work and personal interests. Coursework and projects from Newhouse classes can be found. I also have a personal lifestyle blog. I do not have a specific theme or topic I want to focus entirely on. Rather, I plan to write about what is currently happening in my life and what I am thinking about. I hope to make this blog interesting and relatable.

Thanks for reading!