Missing my sister

At 6 p.m. I facetimed my sister, Cassady from Plato’s Closet. This Friday night she is hanging out with her friends and asked what I want with typical teenage attitude. My friends and I were looking for cheap dresses and I came across a pair of shoes that only came in a size six. I showed Cassady the maroon Doc Marten boots that were too small for me. Since I couldn’t wear them, I figured I would do the next best thing and get them for my sister.

She is only thirteen, but basically my twin. I never thought I could be so much like someone that is seven years younger. We laugh at the same jokes, have the same fights with our parents and like the same things.

It is scary because she does not act thirteen years old at all. She complains that she is too young to go to concerts with me and my friends. I have never seen her madder then when I told her I was going to Mexico for spring break without her. She is going to be a wild teenager.

We have the same sense of style and she is always stealing my clothes that are way too big for her. She makes me take her shopping in Syracuse so she can go to the stores I go to often. We are always texting each other links to new songs and tagging each other in makeup tutorials.

However, I did not realize these similarities until I couldn’t hang out with her every day. I completely took for granted that I always had a Starbucks or nail appointment buddy on hand.

I can honestly say going to college has made me appreciate her so much more. In high school, I was annoyed that my younger sister would steal my clothes and want to tag along with my friends. It felt more like babysitting than having someone who actually wanted to run errands with me.

Now we facetime almost every day. When I am home, I make it a priority to spend as much time with her as possible. I force her to skip school and go shopping with me. She comes with me on my lunch dates with old friends and joins in on conversations about shoes and drama.

There are things I probably tell her that I shouldn’t. She asks me what all the houses with Greek letters are when my family comes to visit. To my parents’ horror, I explain fraternities and what we do there.

I may be helping her grow up to fast, but as her older sister, I think I should honestly answer her questions. I want her to understand the things about friendships and partying and dating that I did not. If I have the opportunity to guide her, I want to make the most of it and tell her as much as she wants to know.

Having a sister so much younger is hard, but as she gets older and more like me, we get so much closer. For her sixteenth birthday, I promised to take her to a music festival, assuming I am graduated with a decent job by then. For now, we will stick to lunch and shopping and driving our parents crazy.63AFBD02-7E8F-46B0-95D0-3BBD20C0DCC8.jpg

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