Don’t meltdown over midterms

If you know me now, you would not recognize high school me. Not because I died my hair or changed my style. I physically look the same.

Mentally, I have changed extremely. In high school, I was involved in just about everything. I played three sports, was editor of my school’s paper, was treasurer of the business club and worked every weekend. I was always stressed and on edge.

My typical day was miserable. I woke up at about 5 a.m. to finish homework from the night before. Then I went to school around 8 a.m. with coffee in hand. I forfeited a lunch period to take AP Economics. After school I would go to soccer/swim/track practice, depending on the season. I would come home, after stopping at Starbucks, to do as much homework as I could before I fell asleep on my textbooks. Monday through Friday was traumatizing. Weekends were not much better and were filled with homework and hosting at a local restaurant. Occasionally my friends would essentially kidnap me and force me to hangout with them.

On paper, or to college admissions, I was great. That was all that seemed to matter.

However, spring of senior year I quit track and actually started having a life. I could go to concerts and on road trips with my friends. I realized how much I missed out on during high school. Quitting one thing, and having just a few hours of free time showed me how much more to life there was than looking perfect on paper.

Coming to college, I was determined to not spread myself too thin on activities I did not even enjoy. I hated the stress I put myself through and was determined to not revert to it.

Midterms and finals always test me. It tempts me to call my mom sobbing, and to be honest sometimes I still do. Luckily, I have found better ways to cope and deal with stress. I have found ways to put myself and my sanity first.

1. Find a good playlist

It took me a long time to realize I can’t just listen to my favorite songs to study. If I do this, I always use it as an excuse to distract myself. I would find myself making new playlists or watching music videos.

Last semester, I found the one thing that got me through finals. The Vitamin String Quartet is now the only music I will study to, and I recommend it to everyone, no matter how strange it sounds. Essentially, it is a quartet that covers popular music, so you can enjoy common sounds without lyrics. They have everything from Kanye West to Lady Gaga to Radiohead.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 5.39.27 PM

2. Go to the gym 

The last thing I want to do between classes and studying is workout. However, I now use it as a way to ~productively~ procrastinate. I return to my favorite rap songs that I can’t study to, and take about an hour of me time. Working out gives me more energy and serves as a distraction.

3. Have a something to look forward to

Lucky for me, my midterms week was followed by a spring break trip to Mexico. Obviously, that never normally happens after a long week, so even having little things to look forward to are important. I always do better if I give myself a reward. I try get myself excited over ANYTHING, such as going to a concert, trying a new restaurant or even seeing my cat, in order to make the hard work seem more bearable.


As stressful as school may be, I have to keep it a priority to not let it control my happiness and sanity. It took for 18 years to realize I would take an occasional B over being miserable. That being said, have a great spring break!

2 thoughts on “Don’t meltdown over midterms

  1. Cheyenne, I love this post! I can completely relate to the beginning part of it, as I was the same way in high school! I was SO involved and spread myself so thin, I was always miserable. I looked like I had it all together and was accomplishing a lot, which I was, but I did not enjoy it at all. Coming to college, I’ve tried to only focus on things I like, both academically and socially. With midterms just being over, I realized I have a lot of the same study habits as you. I also cannot listen to my favorite music; I have to have a specific study playlist. I agree that having something to look forward to helps everyone get through the mid-semester slump. Midterms suck, but knowing I was going on vacation this week for spring break really motivated me to do well and end on a high note!


  2. Cheyenne,
    As you can guess I am grading blogs… Your post resonated with me in a big way! I spent my 20s being hyper-involved to make connections and to move my career forward and while it certainly was fulfilling on many levels it also left me exhausted and impeded my personal life.

    Learning to commit to activities/organizations that are meaningful to you and not trying to be involved in everything for the sake of being involved is a great lesson to learn so early. You are strides ahead of most professionals in implementing a work-life balance.

    And, thanks for the tip on the VSQ. I have a lot of studying ahead this summer so I am all for tips to make studying more effective!


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