Make Instagram Casual Again?

On Instagram, life appears perfect. You see pictures of always smiling babies, your friends laughing out loud, and that “candid” so perfectly posed it actually appears candid. We all have a brand, favorite paid-for VSCO filter, or color theme. We have apps that layout our photos before we post them to make sure the flow […]

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Chelsea does… Politics? Feminism?

You either love or hate Chelsea Handler. She is loud, unapologetic and opinionated. She isn’t exactly appropriate in language or content and would almost definitely offend your grandma. That is exactly why Chelsea is one of my favorite women. She is a comedian, actress, author, and now, a voice for women. She is controversial, but […]

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lessons from spring break

For spring break, a few friends and I eagerly, but quite cluelessly, planned a trip to Mexico to have THE stereotypical college vacation. Coming from central Pennsylvania, I can’t say I have traveled much and I can’t say my town is very diverse. However, I love experiencing new things, so I jumped at the opportunity […]

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Don’t meltdown over midterms

If you know me now, you would not recognize high school me. Not because I died my hair or changed my style. I physically look the same. Mentally, I have changed extremely. In high school, I was involved in just about everything. I played three sports, was editor of my school’s paper, was treasurer of […]

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Missing my sister

At 6 p.m. I facetimed my sister, Cassady from Plato’s Closet. This Friday night she is hanging out with her friends and asked what I want with typical teenage attitude. My friends and I were looking for cheap dresses and I came across a pair of shoes that only came in a size six. I […]

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